Should Eyelashes Be Tinted Before Getting Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular alternative to false eyelashes or mascara use. Extensions can save you time, money and increase the natural beauty of your eyes. Many people with light-colored natural lashes wonder if they should tint their natural lashes prior to extensions. Here are some considerations to help you decide if tinting is right for you.

How Light Are Your Natural Lashes?

While choosing eyelash tinting Jacksonville FL prior to having extensions is often a personal preference, the lightness of the natural lash is usually a main consideration. Those with very blonde to nearly white natural lashes may consider tinting.

When extensions are applied, there is usually a small space between the eyelid and the base of the extension. This is where you may see a little of the light color of the natural lash show through if they aren’t tinted prior to applying extensions.

While some people don’t notice or don’t mind a little blond near the base of the extensions, others will not care for this look at all. This light color  is an occasion where lash tinting can solve a problem by covering the natural lash color with a black tint.

How Often Do You Plan to Have New Extensions Applied?

Healthy eyelashes naturally fall out and are replaced with new ones over the course of several months. It is the industry standard to replace eyelash extensions every six to eight weeks. 

When you tint your lashes prior to having extensions applied, you may find that your extensions will need to be redone a week or two earlier. The tint used on lashes will usually start to fade within four to six weeks. You may see blonde or white start to peek through and choose to tint and replace your extensions at this time.

Eyelash extensions provide a low-maintenance alternative to make-up application and falsies. It’s a personal decision to decide to tint prior to the procedure.