Enter the Exciting World of Cosmetology

If you live for beauty, why not consider a career in cosmetology? Whether you have always dreamed of cutting hair in a salon or giving manicures, or maybe working while seeing the world on a cruise ship, there are always jobs in this exciting field. Signing up for cosmetology courses suffolk county ny can start you on your way.

Required Training

In order to work in the cosmetology field, you will need a license, and to get that you will have to go to school. Training programs vary in length. Some vocational and technical schools offer courses that take two to three years, while private beauty schools take nine months to a year for completion. You may also be required to complete an internship after your classes are finished. Each state has its own licensing and testing requirements.

Work Environment

Cosmetologists work in many different settings, but most are employed by a salon. In a salon, you would be expected to cut, color and process hair, as well as give manicures and facials, shape brows and apply makeup. In addition to salons, cosmetologists work at trade shows, on cruise ships, in the movie and theater industry, in hotels or as mobile stylists. Many jobs in the beauty industry require working at night or on weekends. Work in the cosmetology industry can require a lot of standing, so comfortable shoes are a must.

Salary Range

Just as there is a wide range of opportunities for work, salaries can vary quite a bit, too. Salon workers make $20,000 to $30,000 a year depending upon where they work, but this is only a general estimate. Hair and makeup artists in the fashion industry can do very well financially, and salon owners can make a comfortable income. Specialized skills, such as prosthetic make-up for theater, film and television work, often pay very well.

There are many opportunities in a wide variety of settings for cosmetologists. Follow your dreams and sign up for classes today.