5 Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

Sedation dentistry is beneficial for numerous reasons. While many refer to it as ‘sleep dentistry’, that moniker isn’t entirely accurate. When a patient is sedated, they may still be able to respond, but they’re in a relaxed state. As with many other treatment options, sedation dentistry is customized to a patient’s individual needs and the procedure to be performed. Below are several significant benefits of sedation dentistry.

Helping Patients Get Past Phobias

A phobia is an unreasonable fear, but for many patients, those fears are very real. Just as some are scared of rats and snakes, fear of visiting a dentist can go far beyond what’s reasonable. However, it’s important for everyone to get good dental care, and for those with dental phobias, sedation offers a simple, non-traumatic solution.

Getting Special-Needs Patients the Care They Need

Sometimes, those with special needs cannot grasp what’s going on during a dental visit. Many have difficulty sitting still and cooperating with the dentist in a way that helps them get the care they need. However, with sedation dentistry, these patients can relax and get the care they need for better overall health.

Greater Comfort For Those With Sensitivity Issues

While some may not have dental phobias, they may dread office visits because of a strong gag reflex or sensitive teeth. Dental sedation reduces a patient’s sensitivity to pain and it diminishes the gag reflex.

No Memory of the Treatment

If the treatment is for someone with a phobia or special needs, there may be concerns over how the person will feel when the sedative wears off. However, most who receive sedation dentistry will have only the vaguest recollection of the treatment, and some won’t remember anything at all.

Faster Procedures

A bit of fidgeting in the chair is normal, but it may make the treatment take longer. A sedated patient is relaxed and calm, which allows the dentist to complete treatment accurately, easily, and quickly. This is particularly helpful when there’s a great deal of work to be done in one visit.

Learn About Sedation Dentistry Today

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